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Everyone thinks that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. Well I don’t think so. I think     that Kevin Durant is because of the way he handles himself off and on the court. Everyone is saying LeBron James because his size, speed, strength and dunking ability. But at the same time Kevin Durant is 6foot9 and has a wingspan of 7’1 inches and he can do it all he can pass, shoot, dribble and pass. Don’t get it wrong LeBron James can do it also but not Durant. Durant can shoot the long ball and free throw but leBron james cannot.

LeBron James is only 27 years old and his still young. He has led his team to two NBA finals and guess how many he has won? Zero. I am not bragging on during he has one on either but he has lead his team to the playoffs and he has led the league in scoring and he is only 23. Durant is better than LeBron in the 4 quarter, because he has hit gamer winners than LeBron James.

Durant is not a well passer or finish as well as LeBron but Durant can create his own shoots on the floor at any time. I f LeBron James can finish better in the 4 quarter I might consider him as the best but right now it is Durant

Football v.s. basketball

Hi did you know that basketball and football is both  of my favorite sport because In football I like they torcher each other by going to heltmet to heltmet with no flags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Now it basketball time the reason why I basketball because you can go to the playoff and lose more than 1 game to still be called the champions of the basketball season.But I will have to make a choose with one I what to play to be my main sport to play in high school.I hope you still read on to see what I pick when I apply to high school or what going to be a decision to me and family member.


This topic is going to be just be basketball and nba lockout how player  losing their money and jods.But let us talk about the best player to me melo7 and Drose1 and how they made it to the playoff.Derrick rose is special because he quick and fast.He even find people open and won the most vaulue player award in the playoff round 1 game 2. carmelo anthony is the best player to because he can make space so he can shoot and win the game.Another reason why I like melo because he his not a ball hound like lebron james and kobe bryant.see you a still enjoy what I still have for you and stay in tuned for one more pargraph.


Did you just see the games yesturday because it was a good match up like lions vs panthers and eagles and the giants aka g man.Yesturday I saw the ravens without ray lewis now that was a shock and be they still one.Hold up I was off topic.The reason why I like football you can meet the president of the u.s that is name barack obama.Another reason why I like football it always a underdog like the detroit lions winning the superbowl.My last reason I like football is because It matter what record you have it matter if you win your division like the afc west,afc north, afc south, afc east,.Have a good day but before you like this please post a comment.


A Mistake I Made and Learned from it

A mistake I made and learned from it by fighting in school that was on Saturday with one my teammates in basketball.The reason why I was fighting with him because he push my first and I push him back and  he got mad at me. so he knock of my glass of and I got anger at him. Then we just was fighting in the bathroom. After we was fighting we got in trouble for it. Then my teacher and the rest of the student was going to the principle office for what we did. As a result of fighting in the bathroom we got suspended for 1 day of school.

On Monday we was taking to the me about stop fighting in class.When he said that it felt bad because I did not fight if I have to. During that day I was upset because I he was going to talk to my basketball coach I say I can not play basketball for my school any more. Now I new he was for real serious so  I hope he forget that to talk to my coach.1 week later my coach find out that I was fighting a boy on my team for school.I hope you comment on my post that I wrote.

As a result of fighting I can play until he say so. I learned from this by do let my angry get over me. So now I can be the star that I will show on the basketball court. Thanks you for reading and have a great day.

Achievment I wish to Achieve In Life

ow I heard what my technology teacher is saiding.We 7th are all most going to high school. When I am going to high school. When I am going to the 8th grade and it going to be a rided.But hold on I have to get recommendation from my teacher. The high school I am trying to attend is DEMATHA. So in life education matters to everybody. So  education is important to learn. Thanks for Reading.

My dream to go to college is Duke for education and play basketball. It will be excited that I will go to my dream college. But to order to go to Duke I will have to start right now in current grade. Now I am in college 8 years later. When I in my first years college I am worrying about my master and sports. Then I will find a girlfriend that is loyalty to me.Then it will be my second year in college.

It my senior year college I can go to the Nba draft. I my decision is to go to the draft a to a athlete.Then the draft came the class of  the future. I will be waiting and waiting . Then I hope to get draft to a professional Nba team. Thank you for reading  my story